I know this may seem like a pointless selfie, but it took me a LOT to just post this. This is one of my biggest and most crippling insecurities. So here you go tumblr, this is what people irl see when I talk to them. Even just strangers in the hall at school will point it out. I have been teased, bullied, and rejected just because I have a stupid lazy eye. The torture hasn’t been so bad since I’ve started high school(thank god) but all through elementary and middle school it has caused me absolute hell. I don’t like being called a circus act. Every time I even tried to stand up for myself when being bullied about it, they ALWAYS say “omg are you even talking to me? Are you looking at me or over there? Haha freak” I’ve been trying so hard to love myself more, and I have to accept that this is part of who I am. It may not seem bad, but dealing with ridicule for 9 years have made me absolutely hate my eyes. I can’t take compliments of my eyes seriously, I can’t see past my stupid wondering eye. But I really want to take a step toward accepting this feature of myself. I see people on the street with lazy eyes, and I feel a little better about it because I know that I wasn’t alone in the ostracizing. This is a common condition but no matter how common it is, people are still going to be bullied over it. Which sucks. I just hope they’re happier with themselves than I have been, but hey, this is me. This is part of who I am. I know someone is going to love me past it, I just need to learn to love myself past it.

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    Girl you are beautiful. I bet every girl has insecurities even me.. My baby cousin had that and come to find out,she...
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    You are beautiful no matter what!
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    Aw stay strong babe.
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